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Product History
The cleanable trim squirt (also known as a Deckle Cutter) was developed in the mid-1940s
by DeZURIK to satisfy customer demands. While previously designed trim squirts required removal from the line to facilitate cleaning, the new design could be cleaned with
a simple tap on the plunger. This design, which has been widely accepted in the marketplace since its development was acquired by Trim Squirt Corporation Inc. in 2003.
Product Description
The job of the trim squirt in a typical paper mill is to cut wet paper to a uniform width before the paper goes throught the dryer. To operate the trim squirt, a constant source of high-pressure water is required to cut the paper. The media normally used to operate the squirt is white water from the paper machine. Because this water is recycled, squirts often clogged, causing lost production and forcing operators to remove and clean the squirts.

The advantage of the design is that the unit is self cleaning. When the orifice becomes clogged the operator merely presses the cleaner button and a pointed stainless steel plunger instantly cleans the orifice. The squirt is then ready for operation, without ever having to be removed from the machine, thus there is no loss of production time.

The entire trim squirt is made of brass and stainless steel. A self-adjusting packing gland prevents leakage around the plunger stem. The tip of the squirt is stainless steel and can be easily renewed when the orifice wears. The trim squirt is available in 17 nozzle sizes to satisfy most application requirements.
Benefits and Design Features
- Long product life with low maintenance requirements
- No adjustments necessary
- Simple, one step nozzle cleaning operation
- Replaceable plunger and nozzle
- Self-adjusting packing gland
- All stainless steel and brass construction
- Wide range of nozzle orifice sizes
- Nozzle design allows the trim squirt to maintain a constant diameter discharge stream until it contacts the paper
- Body design provides high flow characteristics
- Spring design allows for low operating pressure to depress the plunger
As the nozzle wears, the spray pattern will become wider. When this happens, Trim Squirt Corporation Inc. recommends the nozzle, plunger, and o-rings be replaced. A complete line of replacement kits are available.
Short Body Trim Squirt = .3 lbs.
Long Body Trim Squirt = .5 lbs.
Materials of Construction
Part Name
Brass Rod, ASTM B16, Copper Alloy #360
Phosphor Bronze
Stainless Bar, ASTM A582, Type 303
Brass Rod, ASTM B16, Copper Alloy #360
Stainless Steel Wire, ASTM A313
Brass Rod, ASTM B16, Copper Alloy #360
ASTM D-20000
Stainless Steel Bar, ASTM A582, Type 303
Short: Forging Brass CA 377   Long: Brass Rod, ASTM B16, Copper Alloy #360
Large Body: Red Brass Pipe, ASTM B43 or B135, Alloy 20
Ordering Information
To order Trim Squirts, specify code TSQC, followed by the appropriate code for the orifice diameter from the link below.
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